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.When you decide to go back all the way to the north of the island, at the border of Malaysia because the last time you did the hike you didn’t find the bridge and you really want to see the rai... read more

Posted on 15 October 2021 | 1:02 pm

A Total TaiTai Tale in Beijing & now Singapore!

Wanneer zeg je bij emigratie je Nederlandse verzekeringen op?

Als je gaat emigreren heb je niets meer aan je Nederlandse verzekeringen. Dus die moet je beëindigen, maar welke verzekeringen moet je stopzetten en wanneer?  Emigratie komt met een heleboel... read more

Posted on 14 October 2021 | 4:09 am

Leaving Holland

8 Chinese Shrines in Phuket

Phuket Chinese Temples The Chinese shrines of Phuket offer always an excellent opportunity for some good photo. There are quite a few around, and each of them has its own characters and unique feature... read more

Posted on 13 October 2021 | 7:11 pm


The 10 Best Beaches on Rab Island

The 10 Best Beaches on Rab Island The picturesque beaches of Rab Island are perfect for an unforgettable beach holiday in Croatia. Especially the many beautiful golden sandy beaches are a celebrity an... read more

Posted on 10 October 2021 | 4:03 pm


Kündigung: Cancelling A Subscription In Germany

 Lately, I have been scouring the internet for ways to make money online, mostly to no avail however about a week ago I found a site that pays significantly well for sharing their affiliate link ... read more

Posted on 10 October 2021 | 3:09 pm


Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

Experience Wildlife in Jordan Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is the oldest Nature Reserve in Jordan. It is one of the currently seven nature reserves in Jordan. It is managed by the RSCN who also is in cha... read more

Posted on 7 October 2021 | 9:37 am

Living in Jordan as Expat

Trails and Toilet Paper – My Crappiest Hike

While hiking I encounter the remains of someone who decided to ignore Leave No Trace principles. Source... read more

Posted on 30 September 2021 | 9:11 am

Dabbling in Jet Lag

Magical Moraine Lake

I am very excited to share that we added a big tick to our Canadian bucket list recently with a trip to Moraine Lake. Located close to Lake Louise, about 195km from Calgary, it’s an easy day tri... read more

Posted on 26 September 2021 | 11:10 pm

Cape Town to Calgary

La Désalpe: A Switzerland Tradition

Reading Time: 8 minutes One of the many reasons we like living in France is the opportunity to observe and experience unique cultural traditions. In general, these are things we would not have sought... read more

Posted on 26 September 2021 | 8:27 pm

Planes Trains and Shanes

Where are the BEST places to go Strawberry Picking in New Zealand? (We found the JUICIEST Strawberries ever)

Summer is on it’s way! One of our favourite things to do during the summer months is visit pick-your-own farms. Earlier in the year we picked our way through blueberries at Blue Acres Farms nort... read more

Posted on 26 September 2021 | 6:49 pm

Celt & Kiwi

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